Learn a Faster Way of Dancing Salsa


Salsa is a dance or activity performed by two, a group of people. It’s very easy to learn salsa dance and become an expert. By using salsa music, one can learn the moves and even dance a solo dance. It’s more enjoyable when there are some people in the dance floor. The dance is friendly and pleasant, whereby people exchange partners during the dance. It originated from Cuba and later introduced to United state the early 70s by Jonny Pacheco.

For one to learn salsa movements quickly, the following steps will make you view the dance as the most simple and enjoyable activity. Let us analyze some of the steps.


  • Observation

Like any other dance style, research is required. These familiarize the beginner or the learner with the various moves thus making it easy to master. These is where you watch, and read articles explaining more about it. It will give you ample time with the instructors.

  • Interaction and involved

The secret in faster learning even in other fields is being passionate about what you are doing. Love what you are doing and do it from within. Interact with people with the same likes and individuals you can practice with. Remember practice makes perfect.

  • Practice and explore

In most cases the instructors might be faster in their explanations and demonstrations. Therefore, one should practice more often. Always have the urge to learn more and try to come up with your moves. You should also not allow intimidation from members of your class, therefore if you have an idea if a new move, feel free to experiment.

  • Pick your lessons with different instructors

These are professionals, and the reason you try out the exercise with different instructors is, different instructors will teach you different moves. It will be an added advantage during the time of dance.

Salsa dance movement involves a left-right-left pause and right-left-right pause movement style. These steps are done for the beat each while pauses in one beat. The left foot keeps forward while the right one gets off the ground. Smaller steps help faster movements and second beat weight shifts from left to the right foot.In the third and fourth step the left foot taken a backward direction movement. These give the reason salsa is known to be an eight-beat dance style. Music is required for the dance to be energetic and it should range within 150 to 220 beats per minute.

Happy young couple dancing on the street


Make sure you are conversant with the various salsa dancing styles. Some of these styles include Panama style, Dominican Republic style, New York style and Nicaragua style. The forms are determined by the place where the development of the dance took place.